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Drop Mining Physics


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Hello guys. My friend have a server and we are having problem with drop mining. We wanna some way to solve it by removing falling blocks. I know somes servers have removed physics about falling blocks and I wanna know how to configure that. Is that a mod or configuration?


Sorry for bad grammar.

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<PreventFallingBlocks>0</PreventFallingBlocks> is it "0" for false and "1" for true?


All higher than 0 will prevent them ALL from falling. That number will determine at what number of blocks it will get written to log with location of the drop.


So if you set it to 200, ALL blocks will disappear on falling, but it will report when the number of blocks is 200 or higher.





*** Command: pfb ***
1. pfb <logBlockCount> (0 = disabled, blocks do fall)
2. pfb
1. Enable/Disable prevention of falling blocks. Log when number of blocks falling at once exceed <logBlockCount>.
2. Show the active <logBlockCount> setting.

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