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Spider 3D Attack Vector


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I had a threat thought. It came from a few dissimilar posts,

a WD scene a movie song and a mod test I did a while back.


For the plush trees only.


If all of them only have colliders at the base and none in the obscured view.

Then adding a 1 block wide horizontal collider area at the top of the

collideable area, a 1 block sleeper volume, a random variable to spawn a spider,

a copy of the spider entityclasses.xml class that has adjusted parameters that

combine the coyote ai, and the snow cat. Call it a Predator spider.


If generated it will leap and attack player, if hurt, it will leap to obscured

elevated collider, if multiple trees with the obscured platform are there, It will

leap among them doing the run away eai of coyote, then attack like the snow cat.


Spider battle ai, should mostly leap attack, swipe, then leap away, leap attack

rinse repeat.


Phase 2, rage run, they walk on all fours too slow, should have chaotic speed like

a trapdoor spider, and the girl from the Ring.


Faatal I don't know if this will work, But a randomly generated, collider, on some

blocks that only the spider can attach to.


Example: Light pole, side of a house, an angled hill, side of a boulder, a ceiling.

If possible will remove need for lateral navmesh. and allow a spider sleeper to

attach to ceiling and walls, since primary action is leap. All they would need if not

on terrain is a landing zone.


Phase 3: add them to the burn out brick tall pois, with increased sensitivity, to

awake instant chaotic danger area.


Phase 4: Add the screamer spawn action.


Phase 5: Since any block can have the special collider parameter, is invisible, it

instantly takes premade traps off the table. Makes pathing Chaotic and unpredictable.


Near grouped POI's and elevated open ports, it would make these things a deadly threat.

Head on a swivel, check those corners, gives them a custom 3d attack vector.


If one is bad, imagine a pack of them especially on horde night, any pillar or block,

any angle, is unsafe.

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