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Voice Chat isn't working properly


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Voice chat in-game is only for nearby players. It's not a global server thing. Basically if you aren't in the same room as the other person, they won't hear you.


On top of this, the in-game voice can really tank FPS on some systems. It's best to just leave it turned off and use a service like Discord.

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Hello Everyone,

the voice chat is really really low in the game, do you know any solution ? (Voice volume and gain 100%)


Check the microphone levels outside the game, specifically in Windows Sound Mixer, and, if your microphone came

with any software, check the levels there as well.


What microphone are you using? How is it attached to the computer?


Also, you could turn down your game sounds to find a balance between the game sound and voice chat. Then make

up the difference by increasing your headphone/speaker volume.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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