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Chunk reset on my base


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I'm a little dejected right now. A large part of my base is gone as a result of a chunk reset.


Or at least I am 99% sure that that is what happened. I believe it was caused by experimationion with mods - adding them in and restarting the game then removing them and restarting - I was doing this a whole lot, restarted the game about 5 times while checking things out.


Then on the next start my based seemed a little ... different. Like two sides of it wasn't there. Birds chirped in the trees. A wall, another wall .... and then a lot of grass and rock where I used to have gunsafes. Full of resources.




So the question is this: How can I save my single player games? I'd like to copy the game state prior to startup. I'll write a script to save it with a timestamp so that older saves aren't clobbered - I just need to basically know what I need to copy and what not.


Also: Lesson learned: Mods can be dangerous.

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You can then use either Window scripts or 3rd party programs (Duplicati for example) to regularly back those save files up. Particularly handy if you're playing with mods, but also for an unexpected power outage, which if it happens while your game files are open, is very often a save-file killer.

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Personally I use Linux which saves in different locations, but I imagine the info above is still useful to other people on this forum.


This does help because it answers the question of WHAT I need to backup.


I do not have the Roaming directory that is mentioned in that video, which was for an older version of the game. So for current Alpha version 18 users, on Linux and Mac, try the following


find . -type d | grep "7.*Die$"
./.config/unity3d/The Fun Pimps/7 Days To Die
./.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/7 Days To Die


The first line looks for directories with names starting with "7" and ending in "Die". This will find both "7DaysToDie" and "7 Days To Die"


I ran this in my user's home directory but you can search the entire file system by replacing "find ." with a "find /" .


We can see that it found 3 items.


The first appears to hold the current game configuration in a file named "prefs" when you drill down into the sub directories. I will add that to the backup - it is easy to do and a small file so worth doing it.


Checking the other two: The local/share/7DaysToDie directory contains the "Saves" directory so I'll backup that.

The steam/steamapps/common directory contains the game binary - that's where you can install Mods.


I will also include the Mods directory into the backup. It appears that damage occurs when you change the mods used - when you go back you may want to also revert to the mods that was used at that time.


As I've found *Removing* mods is particularly dangerous.


Example #1: Removed the Bigger Backpack mod and lost things which were in the "extra" slots in my backpack. This included an Auger which I could not make at the time. Putting the mod back did not make the lost items come back.


Example #2: I had a bomb from the wastelands weapons collection Mod in a storage box. I forgot about that and removed the mod since I wanted to go back to a more stock game. From then on whenever I opened that box, the E to open any container stopped working - including forges/workbenches etc. Painfull because I wanted to open a the container right in the middle of Horde night. I needed to open it to get repair kits. I had no repair kits, and my weapons were stopping working one after another, and I did not have enough ammo to quite the game and restart since that would reset the horde. I lived though, but finished the last 50 zeds with only my bat and 50% of my ammo unspent, due to not having a single working firearm.


Then right after horde night I put the mod back, in order to open that box. Put all the ammo I saved into that box and removed the bomb. Quit and removed the mod and started again - boom. No more base. No ammo. No fuel. 90% of my tools gone. All my forges with all the resources in them. Gone. All my made steel and iron - gone.


All the mods I've been collecting, which I use to sell armor and weapons to the traders... gone. In fact nothing to sell, so no dukes to smelt for brass.


Oh well, you live and learn, and I'll focus on what I do have. A workbench left in my old starter base. The Chem stations and cement mixers escaped the carnage. Also my food box did escape. So that all gives me a good start for re-building.

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