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Might not be an official bug, so asking first.


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I have searched as best I could in regards to the potential game bug (or just a bug with my configuration) and didn't find anything on it, new or old.


So what is happening is when I approach the Chemistry Station that I placed in my base, it disappears. It is still there and you can interact with it but the graphic for it is gone. You still collide with it as well.

The other interesting thing is the storage boxes that I have signs on for labels, they too disappear when I get close but you can still interact with them as well.


This is the smallest base I have ever made 6x6. Forge, workbench, cement mixer, etc. all show up just fine and do not disappear when approached.


18.4 no mods.


Thanks --

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did you start a new game with a fresh install for 18.4?

i saw something like that happen with old save


Good idea and thank you for the idea! I will try it. This save is from the previous version, so that makes sense.

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