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Adjusting IncreasedZombieDrops mod


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I'm trying out a few mods. The IncreasedZombieDrops mod is causing way too much loot bags. I imagine this can be adjusted. I think it is about 3 times too much for my personal taste.


Looking inside this mod I can see:



<append xpath="/progression/perks/perk[@name=perkLuckyLooter]/effect_group">

<passive_effect name="LootDropProb" operation="perc_add" level="1,5" value="6.67,33.33"/>




I imagine the four values needs to adjusted. But what do they mean?

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I could be completely off track here but that is only 2 values... 6.67 and 33.33. I also think they are a low to high percentage chance. Corresponding to the level = "1,5" which is the perc levels. Someone correct my falseness...

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I'll try to analise but soo many assumptions:


passive_effect - I guess we don't need to press anything for it to happen. I assume there's a list of these somewhere and we're adding one.

name="LootDropProb" - Either creating a new "passive_effect" or else perhaps replacing one?

operation="add_perc" - I assume there's a list of operations that a passive_effect can do and add_perc is one of those.

level="1,5" - A parameter for the new passive_effect? Or perhaps for the perc_add operation? There is two values (well, a list with two values)

value="6.67,33.33" - Also a parameter for, I assume, the perc_add operation.


So maybe this means replace an existing passive effect called LootDropProb with a new add_perc operation. This will have parameters level=xx,xx and value=xx,xx.


In the game percs have levels often from 1 to 5. So the level seems to have something to do with that. Also in the game we know that many perc effects depends on your level in that perc. So if we assume that that is what this refers to, then at level 1 we have 6.67 and at level 5 we have level 33.33


Does the game engine extrapolate missing values for level 2 to 5?


Does it use existing defaults for missing values?


Does it use the value for level 1 for all values until a new value is given?


I don't know. Too many assumptions.


I've changed the "value" to 2.22,11.11


Biggest question here: I don't see a skill tree perc that looks like it correlates to "LootDropProb" so I don't know how I check my level in that perc.



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