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Snukfin's Server Side Z(S)ombies


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Hello Snufkin,
thanks for all the work. However, i may have found a little problem. I am running your mod on a dedicated Server (Alpha 18.4). On my server all your new z-types work. With two exceptions.

The Psycho does not always have its weapons as a graphik.
The Siren sometimes is running around without a head (speakers).

As a admin i can spawn several zeds of those two types. Some have weapons/head(Speakers) some do not. Odd Thing.

In the logfiles i can see this:
2020-05-02T13:37:03 2054.728 INF Entity zombiePsycho 495995 killed by Bishdariel 171
Non-convex MeshCollider with non-kinematic Rigidbody is no longer supported since Unity 5.
If you want to use a non-convex mesh either make the Rigidbody kinematic or remove the Rigidbody component. Scene hierarchy path "Entities/Enemies/zombiePsycho_495995/GameObject/Graphics/Model/zombie_maleRagdoll/UMA_Female_Rig/Global/Position/Hips/LowerBack/Spine/Spine1/LeftShoulder/LeftArm/LeftForeArm/LeftHand/tempPrefab_sack/Handle/main1/main2/tempPrefab_wrenchPrefab/wrench_LOD0", Mesh asset path "" Mesh name "wrench_LOD0"

(Filename:  Line: 0)

I suppose it is the "buffs.xml" that might cause this, using deprecated elements?

        <buff name="psychoDeco" hidden="true">
                <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfBuffStart" action="AttachPrefabToEntity" prefab="Entities/Industrial/hoistHookPrefab" local_offset="-.2,0,0" local_rotation="0,180,90" parent_transform="RightHand"/>
                <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfBuffStart" action="AttachPrefabToEntity" prefab="#Other/Items?Items/Misc/sack.fbx" local_offset="-.5,-.075,0" local_rotation="0,0,-90" parent_transform="LeftHand"/>
                <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfBuffStart" action="SetTransformActive" active="false"  parent_transform="LeftHand" transform_path="sackMesh"/>
                <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfBuffStart" action="SetTransformActive" active="false"  parent_transform="LeftHand" transform_path="sack_LOD1"/>
                <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfBuffStart" action="SetTransformActive" active="false"  parent_transform="LeftHand" transform_path="sack_LOD2"/>
                <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfBuffStart" action="AttachPrefabToEntity" prefab="#Other/Items?Weapons/Melee/Knives/machetePrefab.prefab" local_offset="-.04,0,0" local_rotation="-10,90,0" parent_transform="main1"/>
                <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfBuffStart" action="AttachPrefabToEntity" prefab="#Other/Items?Tools/wrenchPrefab.prefab" local_offset="0,0.04,0" local_rotation="0,-90,0" parent_transform="main2"/>
                <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfBuffStart" action="AttachPrefabToEntity" prefab="#Other/Items?Weapons/Melee/Knives/machetePrefab.prefab" local_offset="-.04,.4,0" local_rotation="10,90,180" parent_transform="main3"/>




        <buff name="SirenDeco" hidden="true">
                <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfBuffStart" action="AttachPrefabToEntity" prefab="Entities/Electrical/loudspeaker" local_offset="-.06,.27,0" local_rotation="0,-90,180" parent_transform="Spine1"/>
                <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfBuffStart" action="AttachPrefabToEntity" prefab="Entities/Electrical/loudspeakerPrefab" local_offset="-.2,-.27,0" local_rotation="90,0,90" parent_transform="Spine1"/>
                <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfBuffStart" action="AttachPrefabToEntity" prefab="#Other/Items?Weapons/Melee/Club/Club_Wood_Branch.FBX" local_offset="-.3,0,0" local_rotation="-45,0,-90" parent_transform="Spine1"/>
                <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfBuffStart" action="AttachPrefabToEntity" prefab="#Other/Items?Weapons/Melee/Club/Club_Wood_BranchPrefab.prefab" local_offset="-.55,0,0" local_rotation="0,0,-90" parent_transform="Spine1"/>

Any help from you is welcome.

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Love the new Zombies, but the newer version is having some issues for me.  I'm running a dedicated server with 18.4 (b4).

With the original version I was getting the new Zombies all the time. Living in a snow biome I got lots of Wendigo's. 
Saw plenty of the others as well. I got a good mix of them coming around for the Blood Moon.

When you updated it I only get them on the Blood Moon now. I don't see any in the wild any longer.

I grabbed the latest version today and updated the server, but after about 3 game days I haven't seen a single one. 

Could the entitygroups_nobloodmoon.xml file possible have a negative effect? 


Thanks for the cool mods!

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53 minutes ago, Snufkin said:

By request of some people, I lowered dramatically the spawnrate of my zombies. Can't please everyone. You can manually adjust the entitygroups.xml to your taste.

I think it's better with lower spawnrates, because it's more challenging to research them now! 😉

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On 5/3/2020 at 8:45 AM, Snufkin said:

By request of some people, I lowered dramatically the spawnrate of my zombies. Can't please everyone. You can manually adjust the entitygroups.xml to your taste.

I was shopping for a new hat and came across this https://www.etsy.com/listing/270069368/snufkin-hat-green-felted-with-felt-wool?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=wizard+hat+me&ref=sr_gallery-1-11&organic_search_click=1&frs=1&col=1


I think you need this in your life lol!

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Put that into entityclasses.xml


<entity_class name="CustomJuggernautDrop">
    <property name="Mesh" value="#Entities/LootContainers?super_chestPrefab.prefab"/>
    <property name="ModelType" value="Custom"/>
    <property name="Prefab" value="Backpack"/>
    <property name="Class" value="EntityLootContainer"/>
    <property name="Parent" value="Backpack"/>
    <property name="IsEnemyEntity" value="false"/>
    <property name="TimeStayAfterDeath" value="1200"/>
    <property name="LootListOnDeath" value="73"/>
    <property name="Faction" value="none"/>




and link it to the Juggernaut

        <entity_class name="ZombieJuggernaut" extends="Zombie_Template">
            <property name="Archetype" value="Juggernaut" />
            <property name="LootDropEntityClass" value="CustomJuggernautDrop"/>

Edited by Slawa (see edit history)
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So if i would like to put EntityLootContainerBoss = super_chestPrefab.prefab


To All BOSS drops container will be that , super_chestPrefab.prefab how do i do that ? tanks in advanced


how do i know the name of the .prefab things ? is there a list a site or program to list them ?

Edited by ArNaLdInHo (see edit history)
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6 hours ago, ArNaLdInHo said:

Go to entityclasses.xml (vanilla files) and edit the EntityLootContainerBoss -like you said.
<property name="Mesh" value="#Entities/LootContainers?super_chestPrefab.prefab"/>

and most of the vanilla zombies using
EntityLootContainerRegular  (zombieTemplateMale)



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1 minute ago, Slawa said:


Another question out of context:

when a player dies he leaves a bag, if we exchange for this super_chestPrefab.prefab
is it possible for this chest to be closed and can it only be opened by the player himself, like a locked personal chest? or open by other player only if he hits to break it, like normal locked chests?

if so how to do that?

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4 hours ago, ApocalypseQAQ said:

I think i need your help...

The custom zombies is very good. But some of the research system seems unwork...

Here is the screenshot when i use the research station:


and here are the other screenshots:


And the camera seems unwork as well....

I know I have read something about this. But might have been different thread.

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2 hours ago, ArNaLdInHo said:


No other mods. Only custom zombies and reseaech camera. When i use the research station, errors occur.Not in the log,but in the top left corner.the screenshot is upstair...

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On 2020/4/18 at PM10点19分, Snufkin said:









I can't use it...NullReferenceException Object reference not set to an instance of an object...

I just use your custom zombies mod and this research mod in a18.4b4 dedicated server...could you help me? My friends and i love it so much.

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