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Multiple spears do not get added back to their quickslots bars after throw

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I am copying a link to the steam forum (where I posted it first) as well as the entry post of mine. This was made because I am not sure, if it would be legal to copy the already done answer posts from other members (which did already shed some light on the possible problems and possible reasons for this issue). Here it comes:


"I am not sure if this behaviour is intended as it is not helpful to have, for example, more than one marksman rifle in your quickslots bar, so it would be anti-helpful to get a second one added in your quickbar, when you find such one.


But with spears it is different. I myself have, most of the time, four single spears in my quickslot bars, so I can throw three of them and stab with the fourth one. Problem starts when there are more than one zombie, because I can grab all three thrown spears from the ground, while avoiding the second or third zombie, but I have never the time to open the inventory to drag the three spears MANUALLY back into their three quickslots bars (which were free, when I did pick up the three thrown spears), because I can not to do so and hold a healthy distance between me and the remaining zombies, because you have to stand when you are using your inventory.


Since only one spear gets added back to its quickslots (when you did throw all four of them) or sometimes even none of them (when you did not throw your fourth, last one), spear throwing is a technique which is only usable when there is only a single zombie, even if you are specialized with you character for it (if so, you may be able to kill 2-3, I guess).


Since that, I never tried to max in it, because it seems not worth it. I like it, when I encounter single zombies in the outside (I look at it as some kind of sport - because it needs more skill than guns and you are at a disadvantage) but not as a valid combat tactic.


I may underline that you are already at a straight disadvantage as a spear thrower with 4 quickslot bars already filled, because you have not enough of them to fill in other useful things as tools and medicine. Therefore I have seldom bandages in my quickslots, which has been lethal in some cases, in my past... This is the reason why I unequip my throwing spears into my personal chest, when bloodmoon is coming. There is nothing as useless as throwing spears on bloodmoon.


PS: There are some small chance cases when you get two of four thrown spears back into your quickslot bars, when you pick all four of them up again. This seems to happen randomly. Normally you get only one of them returned into its quickslot bar..."


LINK: https://steamcommunity.com/app/251570/discussions/1/3096727531025206426/?tscn=1584106829

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Posted (edited)

This happens because "stone/iron/steel spear" is what the slot looks for, so once your toolbelt has an instance of an "Spear" that fits the criteria, it stops looking to "replace" the lost item, and thus any other instance of said item must be extra, it doesn't remember each slot as having the same item, just that it once had a "Spear" of a particular material (as most people didn't equip multiple of anything up to this point- the point being when spears were introduced) this can be mitigated by carrying one of each spear type (I know stone sucks and iron is less powerful than steel etc..) but then it looks at the "Stone/Iron/Steel" part of the name, allowing 3 slots to be dedicated (I played a spear as melee only play through a while back, it was the only way without mods to have dedicated multi-spear slots)


TLDR the wanting multiple spears CAN happen, but they need to be different materials each

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