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Some light fittings causes light to bleed through solid concrete

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Summary: Some light fittings causes light to bleed through solid concrete


Game Version: Alpha 18.3 and 18.4 (Probably earlier too)

Platform: PC

OS/Version: Linux

CPU Model: i7 8750

System Memory: 24 GB

GPU Model and VRAM: GeForce GTX 1060 Mobile

Screen Resolution: 1920x1080

Video Settings: Custom with most settings to Ultra

Game mode: SP (but probably also MP)


Did you wipe old saves? No

Did you start a new game? Yes

Did you validate your files? No

Are you using any mods? No

EAC on or off? on


Status: NEW


Bug Description: Light from the industrial light (2360) as well as the spotlight (2357), but not light form the industrial light globe nor normal light globe, bleeds through a solid the wall that is against it.


The problem relates to the wall behind and directly against the light - see notes below


Detailed steps to reproduce the bug:


1) Build a 3x3 concrete tower with a hollow core. Place a a spotlight inside this "chimney".

2) Connet Power and turn on.

3) View lightness outside


Actual result: Light is visible outside of the tower, particularly throughc the wall on which it is "mounted"


Expected result: Light should be blocked by a solid wall.




1) If you build a larger 'room' - eg with inner dimentions of 5x5, and place a pillar inside this room and put the light against this pillar so that no side of the light touches an outer wall, then no light will be visible outside of the solid concrete enclosure. The problem only occurs when the light is placed with a side against the wall.

2) For the Spotlight, light goes through the wall if the wall is in front of it. For the industrial light the affected wall is the one behind it.


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