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Make sleeper Zombies more awake at night


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I'm missing the days where nights were scary and you had to hunker down, craft and keep a low profile, hoping to survive the night, rather than running through Shotgun Messiah any time of the day or night. (Note I'm not talking about previous Alphas - I'm missing the low-level character fear of the night which disappears as you get more powerful)


There are some mods that affect the zeds' strength at night. The one I've seen also makes them run faster and stronger gradually as the day turns into night.


I'd like to request something similar, but

a) Don't change their speed - let that be managed by the game options as per vanilla

b) Make them stronger - hit harder and be harder to kill at night,

c) Make sleepers wake up MUCH more easily at night. No more exploring POIs and one-shotting every sleeper at night, while still allowing this kind of strategy during the day.


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