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Cant place blocks next to lockers


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I've plainted the problem spots yellow for the screenshot. If I remove the lockers, I am able to place something there, and even able to put the lockers back here. But if I place the lockers first, i cant place anything next to them.


For the tall lockers, the affected spaces are only the two upper spaces.


For lockers that are only one high, it is the spaces next to them.


To be clear, the order matters. Put down something else there first and it works fine. Put down the locker first and the block won't place - it shows red.


I'm also aware that sometimes there can be a single pixel of dirt or stone floating in the middle of a block of you missed it while digging. That is not what is happeneing here, as demonstrated by removing the locker and then putting the block in that space.


Should I report this is a bug or is this a known issues?

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I can't decide whether to just report it for completeness sake or not...


I know in my projects I occasionally forget about "obvious bugs" because I never added them to any list and eventually you start to look right through them as you get so accustomed to them.

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