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HOW TO: Create Heightmaps for NitroGen Fairly Easily...

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So, I'm not sure if this has been brought up before or not so I'm gonna bring it up now. I came across this site that is used for snagging geographical locations to be used in making maps for Cities Skyline and implemented it into making my own custom worlds. Just go to the site, find the location in the world map you'd like to have a HM generated from and then download. It will download an archive that has several grayscale PNG's in it. Choose the one you like, import it into whatever graphics program you use (I use Photoshop Elements) and resize it to your liking. I've been upscaling to 8K and it seems to work well. Not sure about anything higher as I have not tried it yet. Save the image after resizing, throw it into NitroGen and rename accordingly and make proper adjustments in the settings and create yourself a badass world. Hope this helps at least one of you out in making some cool HM's for custom worlds!




These are just basic instructions but if needed I can elaborate on how to do it;-)

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