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Issues for player connecting to rented dedi


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Hey smart people!

I'm running a dedicated server with 8 players playing semi regularly, but one player CONSTANTLY has issues joining the game. Literally has to try over and over again until it lets him in. Sometimes it works after 5 minutes, other times it's over 45-1hr of smashing "connect to ip" until it eventually works. I'm leaning to this being an issue with his setup or his connection with steam or 7dtd but i am not sure how to diagnose or correct the issues we're having. He occasionally gets a "timed out" message, but from what I understand, it usually just doesn't do anything. On the server console, i can see him attempting to connect, but then the message "Disconnected player not found in client list..." appears and it closes connection



Server setup:

Version 18.3. Off site Multiplayer Dedicated server (FRAG.GS Server)

EAC off.

No Whitelist or blacklist currently enabled.

Mods: Allocsfixes & JaxTeller718_ZombieHandAdjustment



Things we've tried:

Verifying integrity of his game files. Then he verified again, and again, and again.

Checking out settings on his router/firewall (Is there port forwarding that maybe could be needed?)

Making sure his VPN is off

Disabling network protocols (one at a time): SteamNetworking & LiteNetLib. Currently both still disabled from last attempt

Disconnecting from various network-using applications, as to not interfere with connections such as discord and web browsers etc.


Things i've noticed when looking at server log:

Every time he attempts to login (successfully or not), his IP is followed by a completely random port number. This may be normal, i have no idea. just struck me as odd.

Every time he attempts, and fails to connect, i see the following lines:



NET: LiteNetLib: Connect from:

2020-03-09T00:33:16 305.418 INF Started thread NCS_Reader_10_0

2020-03-09T00:33:16 305.419 INF Started thread NCS_Writer_10_0

2020-03-09T00:33:16 305.420 INF Started thread NCS_Reader_10_1

2020-03-09T00:33:16 305.420 INF Started thread NCS_Writer_10_1

2020-03-09T00:33:16 305.420 INF [NET] PlayerConnected EntityID=-1, PlayerID='', OwnerID='', PlayerName=''

2020-03-09T00:33:16 305.423 INF NPCID.Write

2020-03-09T00:33:45 335.247 INF Time: 5.33m FPS: 32.29 Heap: 2165.7MB Max: 2560.6MB Chunks: 439 CGO: 58 Ply: 4 Zom: 0 Ent: 18 (63) Items: 1 CO: 4 RSS: 3694.4MB

2020-03-09T00:33:55 344.523 INF NET: LiteNetLib: Client disconnect from: (RemoteConnectionClose)

2020-03-09T00:33:55 344.523 INF [NET] PlayerDisconnected EntityID=-1, PlayerID='', OwnerID='', PlayerName=''

2020-03-09T00:33:55 344.523 INF Disconnected player not found in client list...

2020-03-09T00:33:55 344.530 INF Player disconnected: EntityID=-1, PlayerID='', OwnerID='', PlayerName=''

2020-03-09T00:33:55 344.530 INF Exited thread NCS_Reader_10_0

2020-03-09T00:33:55 344.531 INF Exited thread NCS_Writer_10_0

2020-03-09T00:33:55 344.531 INF Exited thread NCS_Reader_10_1

2020-03-09T00:33:55 344.531 INF Exited thread NCS_Writer_10_1



Every time he attempts and succeeds to connect, the following is displayed:


0:53:44 1533.526 INF PlayerLogin: Advoc/Alpha 18.3

2020-03-09T00:53:44 1533.526 INF Client IP:

2020-03-09T00:53:44 1533.526 INF [steamworks.NET] Auth.AuthenticateUser()

2020-03-09T00:53:44 1533.526 INF [steamworks.NET] Authenticating player: Advoc SteamId: 76561197970077117 TicketLen: 1024 Result: k_EBeginAuthSessionResultOK

2020-03-09T00:53:44 1533.847 INF [steamworks.NET] Authentication callback. ID: 76561197970077117, owner: 76561197970077117, result: k_EAuthSessionResponseOK

2020-03-09T00:53:44 1533.847 INF Steam authentication successful, allowing user: EntityID=-1, PlayerID='76561197970077117', OwnerID='76561197970077117', PlayerName='Advoc'

2020-03-09T00:53:44 1533.847 INF Allowing player with id 76561197970077117

2020-03-09T00:53:44 1534.208 INF RequestToEnterGame: 76561197970077117/Advoc




followed by the game working fine for him now that he's logged in.


Server Log here: https://pastebin.com/PnycTNXn

Player having issues has IP:



Any help is appreciated!



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