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Making shotguns the beasts that they are IRL


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Hey guys never made a request here but I've been thinking of this and I think it'd be really fun.


I only have a little bit of experience editing XMLs in this stuff in this game, like perk pts per level and minor stuff like that, how hard would it be to change the shotgun so the pellets/slugs don't dissappear after a short distance, and so the damage falloff is less?


Is that something that can be done quickly by editing game files or is it much more complex?

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In a crowd situation shotguns - with their modest fire rate - have higher DPS than an M60.


We don't want everyone to be running around with the One Best Weapon in the game. =)

Well, congrats because I stopped using shotguns long ago in this game (and so did my sister who is usually obsessed with them in all games). The reload speed is too slow (for blood moon) and their range is hilariously bad... it might as well be considered a very loud melee weapon. I actually prefer the 9mm pistol over the shotgun.


Also, does the DPS take reloading into consideration?

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