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Days between two wipes


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Theres too many variables to pin point even an estimated final day before wipe.


Some servers day cycle could be longer or shorter than others


If the server isn't very active the day timer wont go up as fast (the server needs at least 1 person online to keep the timer rolling)


But what I can say is most run 1000+ days, sometimes up to 3000+ if the alpha patches don't require a map reset. I could be wrong but I think a18 was the first time, in a long time where one of the a18 patches required a reset, most of the time maps are good for an entire alpha.


EDIT: also every time we get a new alpha it requires a new map, so alpha 19 will most likely be the next time you see resets and then alpha 20, that is unless of course one of the a19 patches requires a reset.

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