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SMS Noobs Incs.Playground 500% XP Loot PVE


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SMS Noobs Incs.Playground 500% XP Loot PVE Stable


Port: 26900


Server features:


Everyday Bloodmoons

Larger Backpack

better UI

Botman Server manager

Tons of zombies

Modded Baseball Bat Of Power.

Superfast leveling

50,000 per start up quest and 125 perk points.

Stuns reduced to 0.5 seconds.


Had a bad day? No worries log in and knock some heads off.


We handle all support through our discord server,

you can make reports, requests, and ask for information on anything.

Join our discord



SMS Group Leader,

Noobs Inc.




Here is a Demo Video I made so you know what your getting your self into.



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