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PLEASE HELP! "Skyscraper_03" Higashi Pharmaceutical


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Ever since the A17 release I have yet to find my favorite building; Higashi Pharmaceutical

We have confirmed it is still a prefab for RWG, and even attempted to increase the spawn rate in rwgmixer.xml


I would love to be able to find my building once more, even if it means modding it into my game. Does anyone have a seed with the Higashi Pharmaceutical Building?

Does anyone have a working solution to increase the spawn rate in RWG? Please help?

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Look in rwgmixer.xml. You can see its part of the "skyscrapers" prefab rule, which is a subgroup used in 2 higher tier groups, industrialGroup (min 1, max 2 skyscrapers chosen) and downtownGroup (min 2 chosen)


It SHOULD be appearing with the same frequency of any other skyscraper, more or less, but I'm not sure any of them are appearing anymore. It might be that those rules aren't be called by any biomes in current vanilla settings, and that may be by design. Last time I was going through the Higashi building on a vanilla-ish server, the Clear quests were uncompletable because zombies weren't spawning on the top floor (the new medical-looking floor, directly under the roof)


If you want it back in, though, you could easily copy the building setting into one of the groups you know is working with regular frequency. Maybe next to the waterworks, which we see tons of, from industrial_Bldgs. Generate a new map with those settings, and you should see it appear.

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