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OFFICIAL Women's T-Shirt available now!


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Amazon link!

The Fun Pimps are proud to announce our new OFFICIAL women's t-shirt as requested by many of you! In addition to our men's tee, we wanted to bring you a shirt with a modern, soft and relaxed fit for you female zombie survivors out there! We appreciate all of your support and be sure to check out our new OFFICIAL women's t-shirts on Amazon, supplies are limited so be sure to get yours now! Please be aware of fake merch on Amazon, this is our ONLY official store... Amazon link!

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If only the shipping to Denmark didn't cost US$ 38. Any way to sell the T-Shirts in a different store or with friendlier shipping costs to Europe? US$ 38 is almost as double as the T-Shirt, it's outrageous.

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On 3/6/2020 at 7:19 PM, Roland said:

No Fair. The 7 on the woman's shirt pops out in amazing 3dd.


On 3/13/2020 at 5:33 PM, Tin said:


Just click the amazon link. ;)

How epic, I just had to check it out myself....wowza!! 

Hey Roland, do you know if they are planning on doing tank top/wife beaters?

I'm not much of a t-shirt kinda guy but I suppose I could just take the scissors to it....look real apocalyptic like then!

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