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Yes it is a pistol. As is an SMG. An AK 47, on the other hand, is a machine gun, and


oh wait


fair, unless you count them as calibers, which, makes it murky as well, so yeah, my bad =P Magnums are handguns as far as the game is concerned, smg's get shuffled into that as the midline because of caliber size (btw sn SMG is a SUB-machine gun so that "oh wait" thing is a little out of place, but I do concede I came off as a bit snide)

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They all scrap to Handgun parts. 3 from pistol, 4 from SMG and Magnum. Perhaps that has something to do with it?


I think the Gunslinger perk is an artificial "grouping" meant to give the Agility tree access to a fair set of firearms.


I think better would be to put each weapon into more than one tree. So there will be some overlap, allowing you more freedom to choose a tree without limiting which weapons you want to specialise into as badly.

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