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Buildings structures collapsing when in contact with player-built ones


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Twice this happened to me. Im just wondering why.


First time, it was at the big PassNGas gas station, the one with the large billboard/sign in front of it. I actually wanted to build a small bridge from the roof above the gas pumps to that huge sign. As soon as my last wood frame barely touched the billboard, it completely collapsed. I was stunned lol.


The other time was yesterday. I wanted to reach and go onto the small roof above a movie theater entrance and as my wood-frame "elevator" touched and clipped through a part of the roof border, some parts of the vertical sign crumbled to the ground. Now there i assume the clipping block is in cause. Still, id like to understand how this works and why the building intergrity is affected in this way. Im kinda getting suspicious of anything i could now build upon an exisiting POI that would potentially destabilize it in a bad way lol.

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