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Announcement: A18.4 b4 stable


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Hello Everybody!


Here are a few things from inside this build:

#1 We updated the localization.txt to include feedback we gathered in the thread below.

#2 We have updated our gamepad vehicle controls to have accelerate and reverse on the trigger buttons, allowing for better vehicle movement

#3 and most importantly, the horn can now be used on the right D-Pad

#4 for our builders we now allow reverse rotation, hit the Reload button with a building block to rotate the other way around

#5 We have a fix for the crash caused by the electric fence.

#6 Workstations will no longer slow your game down in longer game sessions!


For the gamepad rebinds to take effect, you have to set controls to default once.


Please do test Macs with EAC enabled again. Another update to it should solve the crashing issue. Let us know, if the problem persists.


We are collecting feedback from the community for improvements in their language, please use this link

to participate, a new pass will come for A19, so take your chances.


Website post can be found here.


If you find non localization related bugs, please report them here.


For general discussions, please the dev diary.


For balance and performance feedback find your way to this thread, please.


We hope that you enjoy 7 Days to die!






Here is what changed since A18.3 stable:





  • Dyes on junk turrets now display the color when placed on the ground
  • Debugshot command now also reports perks, books, and schematics for forum reporting and testing (creates .csv file in screenshot folder)
  • Toggling of local player ignored by AI using left shift+keypad* key
  • Spectator Mode for admins. Use “sm” command in console
  • Rotate back is assigned to tapping "Reload"






  • Changing time with commands or time slider now recalculates the blood moon day
  • Rebind "Accelerate" and "Reverse" to trigger buttons
  • Bind horn to D-Pad Right
  • Localization now includes community feedback




  • Drunken Disorderly now also works with moonshine
  • Microwave collision box was corrected
  • Bottom face of Control Panel Base 07 is no longer see through
  • Hat mods no longer have hair poking through the helmet
  • Handy Man steam achievement now works with new multishape frame block.
  • Claim blocks now properly protect against explosives again
  • Better Barter no longer allows better prices at vending machines
  • Intimidation with a 44 Magnum no longer works on vending machines
  • Waypoints not on the screen no longer activate when moving the mouse over the screen
  • Cheating XP by spamming the action key with books on the toolbelt is now prevented
  • Loose board traps successfully destroy now when damaged
  • Player clothing is properly removed with drop on death
  • Ramp shapes no longer delete faces to allow exploits
  • BurntWoodBlock4 no longer disappears when a block is placed under it
  • Dirt and topsoil now use the same mats for the same craft time
  • The wooden chair uses its proper texture again
  • Loose board blocks now show a block when falling
  • Tar paper (ID 148) can now be picked from the paint menu
  • Only single players can interact with spotlights and turrets
  • Forges no longer slow down the game
  • No more crashes caused by the electric fence
  • Warning spam by electric fence wiring is also fixed now
  • Junk turret hits and kills do not trigger perk bonuses while holding related weapon anymore
  • Junk Turret also respects party members that are not allies
  • Offsets on some multiblocks were corrected
  • "Invisible" from Debug Menu and Invisible hotkey now properly do what is expected



Fixes for Localization

  • Initial saving of a new prefab is properly localized now
  • Localized distance and coordinate designations
  • Tooltip names of items will no longer be displayed off screen
  • UI label sizes fixed to fit visual layout (skill dialogs)
  • Quest Chain Rewards “NONE” is localized
  • “Required” for campfire and forge recipes is now localized
  • Batter Up Vol 7 name and description are correct again
  • Loading screen before main menu is now localized

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Timed charges and rockets were a great addition for PvP raiding, they are difficult enough to make that putting effort into making them was front-loading time otherwise spent with an auger. It allowed higher durability modifiers like x24 to be viable, it prevents early game raiding to some extent but late game defense required better planning / materials.


This patch has ruined it completely. Since the landclaim durability scales both explosive damage and regular auger damage, it'll never make any sense to use explosives now.


I had a great fight last week that involved attacking a base where the defenders were holed up in a reinforced tower, rockets gave us an advantage of quickly being able to breach the defenses (at range also!). In fact, at one point they were repairing a block we were hitting, and we were only able to break through fast enough with two people using rockets at the same time. This was fun, I'm sure for both parties, but this story can't repeat now. Everyone complains about offline raids being no fun for the victim, but explosives gave us the ability to have a chance during an online raid.


I think the best solution is to put explosive damage on a different durability modifier. The next best solution is to give explosive damage some sort of boost against claimed blocks, so it still makes sense to use. PvE'rs are already complaining that they can't find a use for timed charges for example, it'd be a shame if nobody had use for a feature I'm sure you worked hard on.


I'm aware that PvP is not well-considered here, but PvP is why many of us play the game and this is my honest feedback.

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After Auto-updating last night things appeared fine.


I then for the first time ever decided to "strip-mine a building". Taking out everything except the cabinets - fridges, beds, ceiling lights, everything.


Besides the fact that it was the most boring chore ever and took ages, I did get a lot of resources - the mechanical parts alone is worth over 5k dukes.


But boring as hell and it took the entire day, I am sure I can make more money in a day in other ways.


The other thing I noticed is many hit-boxes were off.

- Firstly this could be subjective - some of them were on things I generally ignore, like ceiling lights and leather couches. So I have little experience with them.

- Could be because I didn't start a new game. I could start a new game but how long will it get me to get to the point where I can strip-mine a 6 storey hotel?

- Could it however be that some things became broken in 18.4 ?





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I think my understanding is A19 is "closer then we think"..... now I am wondering.... do I start a new (on day 43).... or keep going.... hmmmmmm if only I had the answers to life lol


History dictates it won't come sooner so you probably have enough time to do whatever you like...:)


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I'm finding many more hit boxes off. Chem stations, Forges, Workbenches are harder to put the cross-hair where you get the "E to interact" message. This really slows me down.


And electricity keeps going off. I have a motion sensor in my home that keeps the power on as long as I'm moving around there (5 minutes). Been working fine in Alpha 18.3 but now in Alpha 18.4 every time the 5 minute timer expires, I need to run to the generator room to go switch it off and back on. This is a pain.


Can I safely go back to 18.3 without losing stuff?

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I loaded my savegame yesterday (started with A18.3) and I had the problem that I couldn't enter a number in the textfield in forges to create a specific amount of things (like ingots). I only could press the key "full" or create 1. the arrow keys to count up 1 didn't work, too.


Does anybody else occur this problem?

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Announcement: A18.4 b4 stable .. Qouted from front page.


1 week ago



OK .. ISSUE .. STEAM STILL is only showing A 18.3 as Stable .. And has not Updated … IS THERE really a Newer version or not ?? Thank You.




even tho it doesnt show it... yes there is an a18.4 stable... right click on the game title and go to properties then beta and finally "opt for none"... you WILL get the stable version.


i believe when we go to a19xx then the a18.4b4 stable will show... same action it has been for as long as i can remember.


thanks :)

QA Tester-unholyjoe

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4 minutes ago, Auntithe1 said:

as much as i can understand, soon there's going to be another version? thanks

Yes. This summer. Soon...is a relative term. No firm dates yet, but they are definitely getting close based upon the current pre-test group, etc.

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