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[GAMERSFORGE.COM] (USA/NY)(100 slots)(PvPvE)(CPM+custom map)(discord)(website)


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GAMERSFORGE 7DTD server is back up for US/EU players.16CPU, 64GB RAM, hosted in NY datacenter.

We're a great gaming community welcoming mature players.

Our 7DTD servers are PvPvE where we make it challenging and encourage players to team up, but leave it to you to decide.Using CPM we have combat zones in all big cities/towns; your bases are invulnerable while you are logged off; no griefing; 200% loot and xp; a few custom items; economy/vote rewards; and more!


forum: http://www.gamersforge.com

discord: E2nheE

server address: 7dtdny.gamersforge.com:26900

server map: 7dtdny.gamersforge.com:8082


This server is in NY so good for NA + EU players.

We host many other games as well such as: CONAN, AVORION, ARK, and more.

Stop by our forums to check it out!


Come join!

View the map here https://imgur.com/TKXPdeD

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