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Can someone teach me how to use the console for commands?


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New to the forums but been playing for a little bit with my friends. We accidentally left our server on public and someone joined and stared using commands to mess with us.

They spawned bunches of zombies and witches and crazy stuff. we were so confused and helpless. Luckily they got bored and just started giving us stuff? Which was nice but

I am worried next time we might not be so lucky. I wanna learn how to use the console and the commands so if we do get someone hacking again I can kick them :(


If you guys could help me out that would be great! Thanks!



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I don't run a server, just local, but here's where I found the (some?) commands: https://7daystodie.gamepedia.com/Command_Console

It's likely out of date, I'm not sure where the "latest" ones would be.


To access the console, when the game is running (and you are in the game) press "F1". There's a little area to type in.

There you can type the commands. You may have to type "dm" (without the quotes) to turn debug on for some things, possibly (it will say "debug on" or similar). I haven't messed with the commands enough to know if its a requirement for all commands.


I also think (but I'm likely wrong...I guess I could test it)" you can type "help" (without the quotes) and it will list the current commands

To close the window, hit the"close" button on the right


Note: Some commands, like changing the weather specifically, don't take effect immediately. I think most of them do (take effect immediately) though.

Note: When in the game, and after typing in "dm", if you hit other F keys (F2, F3, etc) other things will happen (like the entity spawner window will show, or you'll go into single person view, or your toolbelt will disappear) . Sometimes it's not obvious how to "put it back". Just hit the same F key you just pressed a few times (or esc) key and it might put it back. I would caution looking up what the F keys do in this game just so you're aware whats going to happen before you use them. To turn off the "dm" command, just open the comand console and type "dm" again. It should say "debug off" or similar



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If you want to secure your server a little more, you should check your serverconfig,xml (even if you set your server local now, at least the previous hacker still knows your ip if your server has a fixed one). Did you maybe have "ControlPanelEnabled" true and a weak password there? The same goes for "TelnetEnabled", is it true and has a weak password?


You might also check your servers logfiles of the evening. If the hacker used telnet access, it will be listed in the logfile of that evening. AFAIK at default settings no user on a server can use commands like "dm", so my guess is the hacker might have used telnet or control panel access to give himself admin rights before logging into the game itself.


There is a file called serveradmin.xml , you can find that file with the game launcher or with search tools of your operating system. Naturally you have to look on whichever machine is the server of your group. In it you will find a whitelist. You have to remove the comment brackets "< ! ---" and "--- >" and add your steamID's like this:


 <whitelisted steamID="12345123451" />
 <whitelisted steamID="56789111123" />


At the start of this file it is explained how you can find out the steamid of all players. The steamids can also be found in the server logfiles





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My friend was hosting so I don't know about settings, but I do know it was a weak password :( I will try and look into this and see if we can look back and figure out how they did it.


They claimed they were the FunPimps, but honestly I doubt the devs really have time or would want to jump in a game and mess with people XD


I also have screenshots of the crazy amounts of stuff they spawned to mess with us

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My player.log file is here... C:\Users\Home User\AppData\LocalLow\The Fun Pimps\7 Days To Die


My serveradmin.xml is here... C:\Users\Home User\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie\Saves


This is on my own computer.

Not sure if it will be same on your server

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