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7DTD Endgame (creating antidote)


Since the Z virus is mutating and already reached stage 2, it will reach stage 3 in 365 days and at that stage it will start to spread by air and no one is safe anymore.

People trapped in contaminated area with zombies must find a cure to save them selfs and the humankind.


Playing this game since A4 (few years now) and was thinking few times: "what if there is actually endgame"? It was bothering me, endless server wiping and starting over and over again.

So, what if there was actually a point to get to endgame. Like, you find a cure, some antidote and server is done. It will wipe.

Whoever find the cure, wins that server round and after wipe is rewarded with some stuff so he start from day1 with his reward.


To actually find a cure you have 365 days and need to find specific materials and mix them.

You can actually know what materials is needed but you dont know how much of each.

That recipe can be found in airdrops only (because scientists from all over the world have figured out ingredients and some of them exist only in this contaminated area and they sending us the recipe).

There should be like 10 mats to find and to mix them properly, 3 of them should be rare and hard to get, You can add them to boss or whatever (improvise ).

They need to be mixed in special Chemistry Station that can be craft only by recipe from airdrop only (again scientists are sending the sheme to craft that Chem station)

You must test that cure on at least 10 players so at least 10 people need to confirm that you actually make the antidote.



P.S. One of the materials used to create antidote could be fish oil. You can extract it from fish. You got that fish while fishing. From the boat. :D


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Endgame .....



I would like to expand on this: So far the game is an open sandbox mode, which is great !! And Alpha 18 is awesome IMO. I would like to add a CAMPAIGN MODE, with a single or multiplayer ability. Also I would like a predetermined question asked Multiplayer Co-op or Adversary. Multiplayer Co-Op players would spawn near each other. Multiplayer Adversary, Players will spawn away from each other.


In this Campaign Mode players play on a large map and begin their lives on section of the map. Lets say the bottom left corner. Their should be a city of large size or several small cities for scavenging and of course the 7 day horde. Nothing new so far. In the other 3 corners of the map will be NPC characters and the areas should be significant in some way....with something like walls or pits or moats or castes or barb wire fencing to show the player that you have entered a unfriendly NPC area. Maybe guards at the entrance to send you away from visiting




The beginning of the scenario ( campaign ) you are given a newspaper to start ( a new item ) and informed that there was a virus outbreak, that there were accidental nuclear rocket launches, and that hordes roam around and seem to find and hunt you every 7 days..... after the survival unlock to go to the trader, the trader gives you another newspaper which informs the player that a cure is being worked on. There may be a player goal that a radio needs to be built to connect to the outside world where a cure is being developed and certain ingredients need to be gathered. one of these ingredients will ultimately be found in each of the three corners of the map guarded by NPCs. There should be at least 4 rare ingredients ( ingredient A, B, C, D ) that need to be gotten. One can be found or located within the players area in the bottom left. One of each of the other ingredients found in each of the other 3 corners. ( so ingredient A only found in the bottom left, ingredient B only found in the bottom right, ingredient C only found in top left and the last ingredient D found in the top right )


About player level 50, all NPC characters ( except for traders ) will become hostile towards you. You are informed, If you have built a radio, that 4 ingredients have been identified for halting the virus outbreak. At this point you can choose to play the campaign mode or refuse. If you refuse the game plays as it always did, but with out the quest and players can still assault the 3 other corners of the map, but no ingredients needed and no bonus loot


If you accept you are told that the bandit gang at the bottom right has ingredient B. There should be maybe 10 - 15 bandits per player and bandits will be prompted to be hostile towards you and using small arms to defend their area. ( This in hopes may prompt players to build multiple bases, at least one per zone attempting to take over the assaulting base and to protect from the 7 day horde if the assaulting area is a trip from their original base. We can further complicate the issue by making the ingredient found needing to be processed by the lab only found at that location and requiring a large time to process forcing the player to make a base or utilize the base just taken. The length of the refining process can be told to the player before hand by the radio or not...... the bandit camp can have a radio and be built or fixed there, and conversation had to where the next ingredient located )


The next ingredient C, to be found would be lets say in top left corner of map is controlled by a gang ( Zombies Angels or The FN Pimps ) . They should have 20 - 25 gang members per player and be equipped with medium to high end weapons, basically a suburban fortress. Again, if and when this area is overcome there will be a radio available, maybe broken and needing repairs and another ingredient that needs to be processed requiring large amounts of time forcing the player to spend time at the base taken over or player made base nearby. Maybe a large wandering horde to show up to try to stop the ingredient processing process from being completed ( hmmm why were these zombie so in tune to destroy the processing of ingredient C ? )


The last ingredient D, would be found in the top right corner and this area is controlled by a military base commander. He is part zombie and has control over some zombies and military NPCs. ( backstory : Military commander wanted power over the zombies and used some drug to try and protect from the virus which failed ) The commander has access to everything the player has and is backed by 30 - 50 NPC military and 30 - 50 zombies to protect the base. The zombies will show some limited intelligence as they are controlled by the commander. The last ingredient should have the longest processing time ( maybe days ) and before or during the assault on the base the player is informed that the commander has activated all zombies everywhere to converge on this location and attack it ( a wailing sound is heard over the PA system which seems to echo throughout the city you were just in ) Nightly, the zombies will assault the base the commander occupied in an attempt to kill the player and or destroy the processing of the last ingredient.


Finishing all the ingredients and contacting the outside world prompts a cut scene that has the player rescued from the area .......campaign over or choice to play on.


Ingredient ideas: ( singularly or in combination so multiple playthroughs yield different tasks to accomplish )

Extract from a special flower ( new item ) and needs a special flower extractor machine ( new item ) to process

Sap from special tree ( new item ) needs to be harvested and processed

Blood bags need to be used in a centrifuge ( new item ) only found in special building

Player using needle to draw blood to be used in centrifuge. Findings need to be told to radio and await results

Zombie flesh needed to be processed to extract protein from a protein extractor ( new item )

High tech blood scanner ( new item ) needs to be fixed and used on player

Zombie needs to be lured into cage and examined by high tech examination machine ( new item )

Decontaminate hospital room by rebuilding it

Reconstruct hospital machines by fixing them

Find scientist work shop for notebooks, tell radio information found.

Find experimental animal ( new item ) and research on it

Locate computer ( new item ) with virus research on it and run virus cure simulations

Harvest flesh from a zombie bear and run experiments on it

Harvest bones from zombie dogs and run tests on bone marrow using special item/machine

Stun a zombie ( with stun Baton ) load in 4x4 truck ( must have truck ) and bring to test facility ( only found in corner of map )

Build a mobile cage ( new Item ) to capture a zombie and can only be pulled by truck to be brought to test facility

Kill zombie and draw blood from dead zombie with specially crafted needle ( new item ) to be brought to lab ( new item ) to be tested

Capture or attack several zombies with special needle with serum ( new item ) to see if it works


New weapons: ( Bonus Loot )

After defeating one of the special areas, ability to find (x2) level 7 weapons ( only found in one of the 4 corners of the map or a level 6 weapon fully modded )

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When I was playing the game, I never thought about a cure.It might be just me but a cure doesn't fit the zombie setting. Every good zombie movie ended bad. This should be no difference.

Might be just me but I prefer going down in glory instead of living in peace :-)


So, when I think about endgame, I have a Super Poi [Zuper'PEW] in Mind.


Let's say there is a huge fortress/underground base on the map. In size I think about diersville, but walled in and containing many many many enemies. This one should be so difficult, that you think, wow that's difficult.

You can visit it but It it gives you no effect. LOL why?


Here's why:

Every Blood Moon, you get a Quest leading you to a Hint, that reveals part of the story.

Every 5th hint is a Siege on a trader(finally we can use those fortresses). Depending on if you can protect the trader or not, they will give you a bonus(or loot from their dead bodies Muahah).

At Day 365 you get the last hint, which will unlock the final quest: Storm the fortress/underground base.


This quest runs as followed:

Inside the fortress/underground base is a huge bomb(doom machine) installed, which is supposed to clean the infestation of navezgane in case of problems.

The player must get into the facility and activate the doom device.


This works as followed:

1. Entering the facility

2. Find, repair and fuel 4 generators

3. Get to the Control room and activate the Doomdevice

4. Survive 7 Days of Blood Moon in a Row

5. Get the hell out while the whole map explodes.







This setup would fit anything I would wish myself for a 7d2d ending:

1. It offers an optional story line to follow

2. It's not forcing a time limit. You can go there by 365 or later.

3. The task should be widespread so playing multiplayer is somewhat necessary.

4. It should implement any element of the game:

-looting (you need food/ammo for a week),

-shooting (you be shooting for a week),

-building (you be fortifing multiple generators/rooms),

-questing (one quest a week keeps the doctor at peek.... aw that's stupid)

5. It's gonna be epic!

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never thought about a cure

Actually, it would be neat if you found a "cure" then did something with it ( take it to the hospital, find trader "jen" there... or maybe a gun that shoots cure laden darts, I don't know) and after that the spawn rate of Zombies is less (like you only find them *not* in cities, and from there out all that spawns are bandits/bandit hordes in cities). You found a cure, but everyone is still trying to kill you :) Kinda like Walking Dead, after awhile the Z's aren't the real enemy.... and to take it to the extreme, the only way to fight the humans ( because they have guns, armor, better AI or something that makes it really hard to deal with) is fot you to inject yourself with some Z blood and become a sentient Z. Now you have kill and eat the bandits to restore health, but your HP is really high so you can take being shot at ;)

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