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Will increasing zombie spawns and detection range in the XML break my save?


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Hello everyone, I'm fairly new to the game. First started playing towards the very tail end of a17 after being introduced to it by a friend.


I've been playing pve with him and also have put a lot of time in to sp play.


I've seen comments here before about editing the XML to increase spawn sizes and detection ranges to make random hordes and up the jump scares and was thinking about having a go at it but I want to up those things in an existing sp save and am worried that by editing the XML I will break it.


Haven't edited it before but fancy the change and thought this would be the least savebreaking solution rather than a mod.


Does anyone know if just editing the spawn XML with a few simple changes like more zombie spawn lower spawn countdown and higher detection range will break a save or not? Can anyone recommend good values for those categories in the XML?

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As a base recommendation, as I am no expert, backup your current game configs. New file on your desktop (or personal preference) and then make the changes to the XML files. If you make mistakes you can at the very least revert back to vanilla.


To increase wandering horde sizes there are a lot of "modlets" on this forum site that do the trick. Personally I've been using the ones created by JaxTeller, and even went to edit his mods and make super wandering hordes. Roughly 40-60 zeds at a time. highly recommend using Notepad++ as it allows you to see which values the game is using, and what are "comments" via color coding. Otherwise watch some YouTube vids and play around with the values. Just keep in mind if you delete a value, replace it. But i recommend opening several configs and reading the notes so you can piece together how they all work together.


This shouldn't mess with a SP save as it will update the entire game. If playing with a buddy note that changes to your configs will not take place when joining his game. Only your games will be different.

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