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A18 Dedicated Server Requirements

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Hey folks,


I've been looking into building a pc for a dedicated server for A18 for myself and a few friends, and I was wondering what kind of system I would be looking for. I see people using thing like AMD Opteron CPUs, and others using an i7. The only thing I know for sure is an SSD and plenty of RAM is a good friend for this kind of thing. Any recommendations and help would be greatly appreciated so I don't over spend and go homeless :D


Thanks a bunch,


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Core speed is a huge thing to consider as well. At the minimum recommended 2.4GHz it won't handle more than 3 or 4 players very well. I'd recommend a minimum of 3GHZ is you want to run a serious dedi.


Also there is a big difference in bus bandwidth between server hardware and desktop hardware. I could run 2 or 3 servers well on a 12-core i7 4.5GHz with 32GB RAM and SSD's in RAID, but it's pushing the limits on the core hardware. Do the same on a Dell R710 with 12-core CPU's at 3GHz and it's hardly stressing it at all. Add another CPU to the server, and they barely use anything.


I'm currently running a Dell R710 with two Xeon X5675's at 3.07GHz with 80GB RAM and SSD's in RAID0 for the client. I can host 8 servers with 20 players, and it maxes out at about 45% system load. The setup cost me about $550.

I have run a single server on an i7 3.2GHz with 16GB RAM and a single SSD before. It was fine up to about 10 players with default horde size. If I increased it to 16 per wave, we'd start maxing out the capabilities until I reduced players to about 6.


You will want your upload bandwidth to be a minimum of 5Mbps for just 3-4 friends. If you are going bigger, 10Mbps is the minimum.

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