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A couple of complaints I have

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comparing what might be a safer bet rather than something else.


Exactly. I instinctively knew that one shouldn't eat low-value foods like corn on the cob when high-value foods are available. But it was really just a "gut feeling" and I couldn't quantify it, so as a good nerd I had to do some research and some math... :biggrin1:

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Also a thing for the food poisoning is that a19 will have super food:


New super filling foods

All new super foods have 0% food poisoning.

Gumbo Stew

Shepard's Pie


Tuna Fish Gravy on Toast


Takes away the /fear/ of that 4% anyhows ;)



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I should clarify that I still say the player non-sprinting walking speed is too slow. Other than that, I'm good.


It is pretty agonizing when you are trying to get to the next town over. Watch for those bicycle parts at the trader, if you're not going into Int/crafting.

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This happens every time when players talk about probabilities. =P


New survival skill learned: Math. The only thing that keeps you from making silly mistakes, like eating corn bread with a food bar above 130 - an thus eating an item with a negative expected food gain. :friendly_wink:


Maybe calculating and displaying the expected food gain based on the players food bar, food poisoning percent and the items food value isn't such a bad idea?

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