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Things this game needs. Imo


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Steel bars.

we have wood bars, we have iron bars, but no steel bars.


More zombies at night.

night time has become safer than ever, you rarely see any zombies let alone the number you used to get in the past.


Nerf Armor

Armor needs a big boi nerf, wearing full steel armour with around 80 armor rating is silly. Zombies tickle you, they'll literally hit you for 4-5 damage. Cop spit does very little.


"Just increase the difficulty" yeah no, giving zombies more hp and more attack isn't harder, its just annoying.

The higher difficulties need to be unique, zombies should be stun resistant and some should spawn stun immune. Raditated zombies should actually emit radition that harms you. Cop spit should have armor piercing value or maybe the spit could lower your armor rating for a short time.


More shapes for rebar blocks.

please can we just have the full range of ramps, wedges, arrow slits etc for rebar blocks. Its annoying to make flagstone blocks or wet concrete.


A way to repair every block in your land claim. Maybe the new junk drone could have a repair mode that flies around and repairs every block in your land claim if you give it the materials.


Bigger storage!!!!

why is item storage so rubbish in this game. Can we get a big armoured box with a gigantic storage space. I hate flicking between quarter full boxes of different types of items. Would be nicer to have one big box with a search function. And give it like 10k-20k hp for pvp balancing.


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There are much more dangerous zombies that will hurt you a lot worse than the ones that are just hitting you for minor damage.

I like repairing everything on your base with one move provided you have all the resources you need

You can increase the difficulty settings already. Look in the game settings before you start your next session.


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You can increase the difficulty settings already. Look in the game settings before you start your next session.


The problem is that when you bump it up to Nomad, to Warrior, to any of the higher difficulties, you are really only turning the zombies into bullet sponges. Personally I think they should rework the difficulty altogether. It should go something like:


Easy: Body damage counts, head damage is instant kill. High probability of dismemberment.

Medium: Body damage does little to zombie hp, head damage is quick kill. Moderate probability of dismemberment.

Hard: Body damage does nothing to zombie hp, head damage is only way to kill. Low probability of dismemberment.

Insane: Body damage, why are you wasting your time? Head damage, moderate time to kill with changes in zombie behavior where the zombie gets progressively quirkier and unpredictable. Minimal probability of dismemberment.


Unfortunately that's not how it is currently. What we have is easy to kill, almost as easy to kill, not quite as easy to kill, more bullets to kill, keep firing you'll get it eventually.

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