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I just finished the resident evil 2 remake and one thing that i liked about the game is that it made "slow" zombies dangerous by giving them the ability to leap at you.


so i was wondering if it is possible to use: <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfPrimaryActionStart" target="self" /> in the Zombiehand item to add a movement speed bonus whenever a zombie tries to hit you. this could propably replace the exrtreme range the zombies have so i would just reduce the range of all zombie hand items to balance things.


i dont really have any example code on how to increase movement speed with this command if it is possible at all so any help is usefull.

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I like this idea as I agree, I feel like zombie reach at the moment is slightly excessive (but not largely so).


You'll want to make a new buff that sets self walkSpeed to a higher amount, then add that buff to meleeZombieHands and make that buff apply "onSelfDamagedOther" and last a second or two. That way, when a zombie successfully hits something, it will apply a buff to itself that increases its movement speed for just a few seconds. Seems like it would do exactly what you want, then you'd just have to reduce the range of the meleeZombieHands by however much you feel like.

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