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A18.4 b4 comes to EXP


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Hello Everybody!


This build has for you four things:

#1 We updated the localization.txt to include feedback we gathered in the thread below.

#2 We have updated our gamepad vehicle controls to have accelerate and reverse on the trigger buttons, allowing for better vehicle movement

#3 and most importantly, the horn can now be used on the right D-Pad

#4 for our builders we now allow reverse rotation, hit the Reload button with a building block to rotate the other way around


For the gamepad rebinds to take effect, you have to set controls to default once.


Please do test Macs with EAC enabled again. Another update to it should solve the crashing issue. Let us know, if the problem persists.


We are collecting feedback from the community for improvements in their language, please use this link

to participate, a new pass will come for A19, so take your chances.


If you find non localization related bugs, please report them here.


For general discussions, please the dev diary.


For balance and performance feedback find your way to this thread, please.


We hope that you enjoy 7 Days to die!





Here is what changed since A18.4 b3:





  • Rotate back is assigned to tapping "Reload"


  • Rebind "Accelerate" and "Reverse" to trigger buttons
  • Bind horn to D-Pad Right
  • Localization now includes community feedback


  • Sticky tooltips when moving and splitting item stacks or when buying a skill

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Hi Hated,


Perhaps it slipped your mind or you had some other reason, perhaps to avoid potential confusion could you sticky current topic 'A18.4 b4 comes to EXP' and replace the current but now older sticky thread 'A18.4 b3 EXP' - it confused me for a sec when looking back for the link to share. Thanks.


I just noticed this. Fixing it now.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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