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FUN and ENJOYABLE server | Drive around with you buddies (up to 6)


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Lands of the Unknown | a18.3 stable | PVE | PC server


Come and enjoy the FUN - what more fun than drive with a group of people in a van that holds 6!



(note: can change IF majority wants; so YES admin is open to suggestions/ideas)


Loot: 200%

Loot Respawn: 30 days

Shared XP Range: 1000

Game Difficulty: 2

Max Players: 40

XP Multiplyer: 2x

Drop on Death: Toolbelt Only

Zombies: Walk

Zombies(Night): Sprint

Zombies(Feral): Sprint

Zombies(BloodMoon): Sprint

BloodMoon Freq: 7 Days

Land Claims: 2 block

Land Claim Size: 71 blocks

Land Claim Durability: Infinite (online and offline)

Land Claims Expire: 14 days



ZCoins: used for commands

Z-Chips: used for online shop

NOTE ZCoins and Z-Chips are earned by:

being online: 1 per minute

killing zombies: 2 per kill



/sethome and /home (costs 10 ZCoins)

/zgate (each player gets 2 and costs 50 Zcoins each)

more to come



Direct Connect: steam://connect/

Online Shop: https://us.csmm.app/shop/829

Discord: https://discord.gg/3pys7yx

Interactive Map:



I M P O R T A N T The mods in the ModPack ALL need to be on your PC or you won't see certain items or recipes (300 new food recipes, 20+ NEW vehicles, 24-30 NEW guns). Ex. someone will drive past you in an awesome vehicle that you won't be able to see or use. (like the 6 seater van OR the marauder-Monster Car)


Installation is simple!

Step 1. Extract the Lands of the Unknown ModPack.zipx [which consists all of the mods for the client/user (this file does not include the server-side mods which is not needed by the client/user to install)] file into you steam Mods folder (Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods\

NOTE: if no mods folder exists (Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die)you need to create one in 7 Days To Die)


Download Direct link here




AAC Workstation - upgrade broken workstations, generators, and banks to working ones




Working Jail Doors & Powered Jail Doors - says it all

Craft Spikes - craft wood and iron spikes

Various Vehicle Mods ((van (which holds 6), nova, charger, marauder-Monster Car, Dirt Bike, Cruiser, RAT, army vehicles, jeeps (roof and no roof), pickup (old and newer), mail truck, go-kart, scooter, skies, snowboard, 2 sleds, and a skateboard

Car Respawner - when destroy cars they respawn in a few hours

Lower Zombie Range (So they only attack closer to you - more realistic)

PHD Better Lights

Brighter Vehicle Headlights

Faster Nail Gun (Nail Gun real fast)

MeanCloud__FishingA18 (Fishing!)

bhwCompleteCollection (Better Homes and Worlds Collection)




War3zuk Alpha 18 AIO (biggest mod but well worth it)

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