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Game suddenly unplayable


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So neither myself nor my tech-savvy friend can figure out why 7DTD is suddenly a hot mess on my end. We hadn't played in a handful of months but recently picked it back up again, and without having changed anything since I've got these new issues I'd never had before and can barely run the game.


Firstly every time I boot it up I have this log hanging over the top half of the window:




It's hard to see but the error messages are:

Failed initializing window group options Video

Object reference not set to an instance of an object


The first one I presume is why I also have no access to my video options! If I try to access them on the home screen everything but the background disappears and I have to force close the game. If I try while playing, pretty much nothing happens it just closes the menu altogether.


Last and most problematic of all is the fact that for some reason about an hour in my game just tanks, and unless I'm indoors or staring at the sky/a wall the lag makes it virtually unplayable.


I have of course tried a fresh install, to no avail. Hoping someone can shed some light on what's causing these and more importantly how I can go about fixing them to enjoy this game again!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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