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custom loot box


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this is just an example im looking to do something like 5 different boxes that only an admin can give to a player. so that can place the box and open it to get loot then have the box destroy


lootbox 1


pickaxe lvl 6


shovel lvl 5


lootbox 2



fireaxe lvl 6

ak47 lvl 6

500 7.62 ammo

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I know two different ways to do this. But I don't know a way off hand of controlling the individual item quality, only all the items in the container, so they can all be 6 for instance, but not some 6 and some 5. Also, I don't think there is a way to control the durability of the items in the container, unfortunately, so they get assigned random durability levels. Of course both of these issues are fixable if the game's code is patched via the DMT launcher, but I figure you might be looking for and XML only patch, as those mods are applied automatically to players rather than requiring you to distribute files.

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I've made you something that you can use. You can look through it and alter it as you need. Unzip this to your mods folder.



To use it, in the game, open the console and type lp

This will list the current players. Find the player you want to give a crate to, and look at their pos.


Now type sea UbberN00berCrate1 x y z and replace x y and z with the pos values you saw for that player.

This will cause a crate to appear next to that player.


The mod also includes UbberN00berCrate2. Both the crates contain what you described.


Give it a try and let me know if you have any questions. I also created a crate object that you can hold in your inventory, but that option doesn't work quite as well because there's not a command to give an item to a player, so you'd have to give it to yourself and then go to the player and give it to them, then they have to place it on the ground and break it to open it, so the HP on it is set to 1. I feel the option that I've given you above is a more elegant solution.

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ty i will try it out


FYI, in my instructions I accidentally listed the command as se but it should be sea, so I edited the post. You can use the se command to spawn the crate as well (if you look up the entityid) but it doesn't spawn it right next to the player so I recommend the sea command instead.

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this works but im wanting it to be an item box (list in CM) not an entity box (F6)... so i can spawn the box into the players inventory so they can place it down and open it for the loot... also i did notice the items are a lvl 6 but not full health if the health thing is random i can work with that but would like it at 100% health


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as far as I know being an admin you can spawn any item of quality you choose right into players inventory.


I take it you don't want all the items in one box but be able to give them a box with one item in it?


Or is it like the class thing some servers do to give new players some items when they join?>

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is there a way to set items to full health in the loot xml?



<lootqualitytemplate name="UbberN00berContainerQuality">

<qualitytemplate level="1,999999" default_quality="1">

<loot quality="6" prob="1" />




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yeah but its an airdrop and all the items are damaged not full health


Unfortunately unless you create a patch for the game's code, there is not a way to spawn items at full durability that I'm aware of, as the game chooses a random durability when spawning loot. I mentioned this to you in a previous post already. You can add repair kits to the box if you want. I recommended the entity spawn because that way you can spawn it near the player as you wish and it works smoothly. The other solution is not as elegant, because there is not a command as far as I'm aware to give an item to a player, so you would have to give the box to yourself, teleport to the player, and then drop the box for them to allow them to pick it up. I'm not extremely familiar with the admin commands, though, so perhaps you know a command to directly give an item to a user. Furthermore, however, there is not a way to create a box that has items in it when you drop it, so you have to do a workaround where you create a box that has 1HP that deteriorates into a box that has the loot in it, so the player has to put the box on the floor, then hit it once, then they can open it. So for these two reasons (no command to give item, box has to be hit to deteriorate into a box that spawns the items), I recommend using the entity box that I created for you.

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