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Can I see the attributes of craftable items ingame?


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There is one thing I feel I am missing in 7 Days To Die.


When I look at crafting recipies for various items, I only see the material requirements for crafting that item, I do not see the item attributes. For example I would like to see which craftable food is the best, but in the Campfire crafting menu it only shows what you need to craft that food, I cannot see how much Max Stamina or Health they restore.


Am I missing something obvious in the crafting menu? Do I need to craft the item in order to see its attributes?


If so, is there a mod which adds the item attributes to the crafting menu?


Does everyone else just use the wiki?

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click the book icon, just above the recipe.


found that out the other day ^^


No, that does not show the item attributes. Are you playing A18.3? When I click the book icon it only shows the general description for an item, like for Sham Chowder it says: "Sham Chowder increases your Fortitude and grows chest hair!".


I am not looking for the description, I would like to see how much Max Stamina and Health it restores, and the only way to do that seems to be to first craft the item, then look at it in the inventory.


Again, am I missing something obvious?



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