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Devs, Moderators and Madmole welcome to read this


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Ok ok nothing bad lol.


I am building a international airport nearly 3ish years in the making-


name: Pacco Memorial Airport (trademarked/copyrighted lol)


I am offering limited spaces to move your air business into it. All you need to do is give me a name.


Ie: "stallions flight centre"


So username + business


Businesses names needed are -


Clothing shops






Any flight business even airline company (selected chosen ones will have names on the planes as well)


Duty free


Fast food/eateries


Any other airport business



Anyone can apply (reluctantly - haha even devs and moderators 😁 )



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Great idea!


I've recently made an airstrip prefab (it's not public yet) and my airline name for that is "SAP Air", so it would be really cool to have another airport prefab with a matching named hangar in it.


Here's a few shop names I came up with that are a play on words with being in an airport...


Plane Sight - Sunglasses Shop

Baggy Cargos - Clothes/Cargo Pants Shop

Angel Wings - Travel/Flight Insurance

Landing Strip - Beauty Salon / Bikini Wax

Close Shave - Barbers / Hairdressers

JetFuel - Coffee Shop

Flaming Wings - Chicken Shop / Restaurant

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noted. Just need to add username to the business name is all to keep thinks in line so I got Andy Red SAP Air


- - - Updated - - -


Old-Timers Bar and Grill - Our meat is tough and we like it that way!


Needs ya username lol so Rolands old timers (alzeihmeirs) Bar & Grill haha lol (without the alzeihmeirs ofc)

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Bacons chillax lounge - sofa seating, tables, hand luggage laying around the place, wall-mounted screens a nicely decked out bar and kitchen in the back(quite a lot of meat stored). It could have a large viewing area of the parked airbusses and runway :D


Then to be even more epic, on one of the wall-mounteed screens you can have a sign "subscribe to baconsTV" ROFL :p I jk. We really do need an airport POI tho!!

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This is the moment, where i comprehend that my nickname is an abstraction of a special character name and cannot be easily changed into something useful... ehh...


Maybe something like "Khul's Pool" - Beer and Pool bar.


Khul Racoom's Furs and Fleeces.

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