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I'm looking at the spawning.xml file ..... Here are some questions :smile-new:



However there is another number you need to change and I've forgotten where it is. Hopefully someone knows...it is the numbre that determines the zombie detection range - the distance over which they can detect the player. No point in adding all those zombies if they stand around like idiots in the distance. With their detection set to 300, they will be homing in on you all the time wherever you go. LOTS of them. :)


Ghostlight, do you mean this?

<property name="Territorial" value="false" />

<property name="TerritorialRange" value="60" />


Question 1a. Anyone know what Territorial does to the NPCs? It defaults to "false"

Question 1b. Anyone know what TerritorialRange does to the NPCs?


<property name="AttackPlayerAtOnce" value="false" />

Question 2. Shouldn't AttackPlayerAtOnce be set to true? It defaults to false.



Here's a bigger chunk of code (I changed every day and every night to the values you see below):


<entityspawner name="RoamingHordeSpawnDay" dynamic="true" wrapMode="wrap">

<day value="1">

<property name="EntityGroupName" value="ZombiesAll" />

<property name="Time" value="Any" />

<property name="DelayBetweenSpawns" value="0.25" />

<property name="TotalAlive" value="25" />

<property name="TotalPerWave" value="25,35" />



Question 3. DelayBetweenSpawns defaults to 1. I set it to 0.25 in the hopes that roaming hordes would spawn 4x quicker. Is that the correct thinking?


THANKS for all of your help with this. I'm sure I'll be back with more questions. :tickled_pink:

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