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Fountain prefabs?

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Hahahahaha... sorry I had to. A fountain? really. Have you tried to work with water blocks in the editor before.

Those F%^$%ing blocks almost made me pull out my own hair last year during construction of my Burial Tomb for A16. (converted and included in compopack: thanx Magoli)

So yeah, joking aside. I actually thought about it (a fountain) for a while (after I had built a Fishing Hole and the Tomb) but because of the headache of waterblocks never attacked the idea. But it has always been a thought that I cant shake... like waterfalls, the pimps got one in game and sure, it looks weird, but hey... its still a waterfall right.

If you can make a fountain that looks like its working properly I'll be the first to download it and toss in a good luck penny.

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