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I wish...


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I wish I could climb trees (to hide)


And attach things to the branches, so I can have a tree house.


I wish Zombies would go to the last place they saw you or heard you, in stead of magically knowing where you are, as if they can smell you through concrete and steel. So I can run one way, duck behind something, and then re-appear behind them after ducking in behind a wall.


I wish trowing a rock was an available early-game weapon, also useful for causing distractions (zombies should go after the sound)


I wish zombies would wake up and sense you properly and that actual sound would trigger them to wake up, and killing the one standing next to them even from far away should cause them to wake up.


I like that the zombies sometimes "randomly" bash on a wall or door in stead of realising there is a direct open path to you - but I wish it looked like the zombie was actually being dumb, because currnetly it more *feels* like it happens just because of broken game mechanics.


I wish player character animation was better, especially walking up and downhill, climbing without holding on, etc.


I wish, and I realise it will probably never happen, but I do wish I could put more than one half-block into a single space. A "signboard" on one side and an iron bars on the other side feels like it should be possible.


I wish blocks that did not "reach" one side - such as a half-block, would not give support on that side. Or else a thing like a torch or sign or other small thing needs to sit properly fush on the actual surface, not in the next space. Once gain I don't expect this wish to be implemented but that would be amazing. In particular I wish things would not just hang in the air.


I wish for a train, but it is part of the world, not built by players, and non-destructible. Like the traders. Hop on, and sit tight. Perhaps even allow me to fortify a cart and have some storage boxes. But beware when your boxes full of items are on the other side of the map, because the ghost-driven train keeps on schedule...


I want fishing plots. Placed in a water body, like a farm plot, you come back to collect fish from time to time.


And a jet-pack.


A tiered system by which low-level zombies cannot destroy higher level blocks. There is a mod that does something like this already.


NPCs. Hearing eary calls for help, receiving help from, quests, rewards for saving helpless characters. Or hiring and feeding helpers.


And animals. A chicken cook, pig pen, a horse to ride, or dog to help you fight.


A side-car mod for the motobike, a trailer mod for the 4x4 (with lots of cargo space and impact on maneuverability). And crit hits - To date I've never not even once managed to kill a zombie even by running them over many times.


Darkness, and no weather, inside of mines.


Night times should be cold, especially in the desert. Temperature should depend on position of the sun!


Many more symbols to paint on boxes.


Rain-water collection.


More than just two speeds for all vehicles, speed control would be great but even just 1st, 2nd, 3rd gear. Make driving over difficult terrain more realistic.


Own shadow, as well as own reflection in mirror, in 1st person view - shadows work in 3rd person view. I also know that in 3rd person view the reflective "shades" do show the environment ... so the game mechanic is there...


The ability to pick up own blocks - perhaps with a 15 second limit.


Creacking when a stricture is near collapse. Perhaps when the load is at very near to the overload, the block where the "glue" is about to fail starts to take damage. Combined with the pervious point, when you start hearing the creaking you know to pick up the last block quickly!


And recycling your own blocks should give back all the resources, perhaps with a small loss in quantity?


Ability to view the map while flying, and distance to selected waypoint on the compass.


Depth-of-field when looking or aiming through bars should not be centered on the bars.


When dropping items then need to stay there until you leave the area, or at least until you move at least 20 meters away.


Color-coding on the wiring system - or allow to "paint" switches and relays.


Perhaps a perk that lets you make wiring connections over longer distances!!!!


Swimming, flippers, snorkel, scuba-gear, wet suit.


That's all I can think of right now but I had more!

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despite all my ideas i throw out, i really only have a few wish ideas.


1: more special zombies, A Obese Tank! , a Charger zombie etc


2: more natural hordes. (like roaming the streets)


3: Different animals spawns: like Mountain lions can spawn in the desert, Coyotes can spawn in the forest and wastelands etc


and 4: Range weapon tiers for intellect

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Bandits to me seems to be just another Enemy. What makes them different from Zombies? Zombies wait in POIs, Bandids wait in Bandit camps? Both attack you on sight?


I'm for more variety to the Zombie horde,and animals and so on but I don't understand the difference here.



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Another wish-list item: Radios.


Basically every trader has a Radio station transmitting (because he wants to advertise). So once you find a radio, you can listen and get an idea of how close the trader is (it shows signal strength), which will allow you with some triangulation to locate the traders!



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is this where we make vows? Okay

Here is a list of several players on 3 servers


- A family helicopter (Bell UH-1 or UH-60 Black Hawk)


- redo the helmet of the heavy armor (the mask of the villain of mad max or a hockey mask like jason)



- the suppression of useless weapons plans, who wants to make a gray weapon?


- lever action .44 rifle as in the film terminator 2 (motorcycle chase)



- More level 5 POIs

- The possibility of having quests T3-T4-T5 (random) even if the player reaches rank T5

- A more realistic or more advanced agriculture

- weapons repaired with parts of weapons

- Bandits and survivors (faction system)

- Boss during the blood moon

- Ability to define the % of the desired biome on a random generation

- More difficulty making ammunition

- Camouflage clothing


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