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Upgrade how electricity works and functions


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Hey All!


I think i won't bring here any new ideas, just some things i've seen people talk about in various places gathered together, as well as my own thoughts on the subject of electricity and its workings. I will try to make it as simple as i can, but i'll try to focus on not necessarily new traps and devices, but ideas to enhance the current electricity system.



1. MULTIPLE TRIGGER WIRES - Allow plugging multiple source signals to one device. For example, have 1 Dart Trap be activated by 2-4 different Trigger Plates. Perhaps a new block that would work as an OR gate, allowing any source of the signal to trigger signal through the output cable.

2. POWER TRANSFORMER - A device that would allow linking multiple generator/battery banks together. This could allow extending the amount of power in a circuit through multiple sources, sending out one wire output. Limitation on the number of devices can be set upon it.

3. CIRCUIT DIVIDER - Additional device (or changing how Relays work), which would divide one whole circuit (an array of wires between devices) into a seperate one. This should allow easier calculation of required power, as well as up the limit of wires per circuit, pushing the core of calculations on specified relays/new devices. This should also disallow connections between the circuits (verification if you can connect 2 devices of different circuits or not, just a thought for this).

4. ADVANCED POWER VERIFICATION - More complex verification of power outputs is required, either through a functionality in a generator/battery bank (new button) or in a Relay device. This should calculate the maximum power required from all of the devices wired in all circuits, even if they are not powered up, nor triggered (behind disabled switches, sensors and triggers, etc.).

5. MORE USAGE INFO - There could be a special tool that when used on a Relay (or gen/bat bank), it would open up a new UI, where you would see a schema of all the devices connected together with appropriate usage and sum of power required on each start of a circuit. This would be created on the spot, calculating all routes and usages based off the connections at the moment of usage of the tool, allowing the player to see what are the connections and how much power it uses in general.

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I'm not sure what you mean with circuit divider. It is already possible to split the power output from any item to multiple items.


For multiple triggers, just put them in serial. Pretend that the devices uses an I2C channel over the power line to communicate and all of them turn on when any one does trigger.


I don't want electricity to get more complicated. But multiple inputs to a single items would not make the game more complicated so I agree with that. Reason why it is not in the game is because it allows for some funky invalid wiring (power bank charging itself - check)

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