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[Suggestion] Add people to Claim Block to let those people pick up stuff in base.

Guest Uthael

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Shared LCBs would allow everyone listed to pick up stuff in the base.

The UI could be a text box where each line is a player name. That way it's easier to copy & paste everyone when moving the claim or adding everyone to more claims. Especially when there's people with names like xXx_M47riX-N30_xXx.


Making the claim block apply to everyone on your friends list would also be OK if it's simpler to implement. However, not all friends are allies. Maybe set a disposition towards people as "enemy-neutral-friend" in the list? That way, only friends can do stuff in the claimed area and you can still have more as contacts.


Also consider how to handle admins and people in Creative Mode. Text toggles in the file would be good.


P.S.: There's a similar topic from 2017. Considered bumping, but the title is ambiguous.


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