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How To Balance The Boxing


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I love the boxing in this game, but it's a little over powered. I roam the map at night from day 1, even with horde night every night, with no fear of dying.


It's all in the jab. Once you unlock the entire brawler tree, the jab becomes a rapid fire bazooka. There are some talented boxers with an amazing jab, but they don't usually pack enough punch to blow someone's head off. The head pop mechanic should be limited to the power hand.


Boxers will utilise the jab to set up the power hand, and if they land it properly, then attempt to take their opponents head off with the power hand. The jab as rarely used with full force.


I think if you have both hands with all the knock back and ragdoll effects, but limit the head pop to right hand only, then the play style makes more sense. I think the percentage should be bumped up a bit too, since the power hand is thrown with the intention of exploding heads.


This way, you can still counter punch with the power hand, and if it doesn't blow the head off, but they still flinch, then this opens the door for a nice combo.



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