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Zombie Lootbag Increase


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ZLoot_Increase :: Sets the Zombie Lootbags so they stick around for 15 minutes. This ensures even on a bloodmoon, your Zombie Lootbags will still be around on the ground at the end of the night.


This also increases the chances of a Zombie Lootbag dropping. Please see the chart below:


all Normal Zombies (zombieTemplate): 20%

Feral Zombies: 25%

Radiated Zombies: 25%

Wight Feral Zombies: 30%

Wight Radiated Zombies: 30%


Current Version https://github.com/XelaNull/7DTD-ZombieLootbag_Increase/archive/A19_1.0.zip

Old Version https://github.com/XelaNull/7DTD-ZombieLootbag_Increase/archive/A18.3_1.3.zip

Edited by ShoudenKalferas
Updated for A19 (see edit history)
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The A18 and A19 version seem to be identical.

And while I don't doubt that the A18 code works in A19 as well, you seem to have intended it to be different.

And the default timer for zombie loot in A19 is 20 minutes so this mod actually decreases it.

It still increases it for regular dropped loot, for which the default is 1 minute.

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