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60-Slot Bag, Faster Bellows, 25% Headshot


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60Slot_Bag_30Reserve :: This Modlet sets the user up for a 60slot bag, with 30 slots reserved for growth through perks and items. The perk tree was adjusted to grant up to 20 more slots, leaving the last 10 for encumbrance or items.


Faster_Bellows :: This Modlet modifies the Bellows item that is placed into the forge to increase smelting efficiency 5x. This means you can smelt five times faster.


Headshot_25 :: TSBX removed the 25% Headshot that I was using from his modlet collection. So I copied and revised the code a bit. It provides 25% boost to headshots and also scales the damage to headshots based on the difficulty of the game. Difficulty 2=No change

Difficulty 3=25% Increase

Difficulty 4=75% Increase

Difficulty 5=100% Increase


Current Release https://github.com/XelaNull/7DTD-Bag_Bellows_Headshot/archive/A19_1.0.zip

Old Release https://github.com/XelaNull/7DTD-Bag_Bellows_Headshot/archive/A18.3_1.3.zip

Edited by ShoudenKalferas
Updated for A19 (see edit history)
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I totally apologize if this is the wrong place to put this or if I should PM you instead, but I was wondering if either you or Riles could patch this to work with their HUD Plus mod?


I finally caved and downloaded HUD Plus and I enjoy it, and I also enjoy your 60-slot Backpack modlet because it's just big enough to be comfortable while still maintaining a survival-like feel, but the two mods are seemingly... incompatible with each other? I can't seem to "take all" (R or the button), or Shift-Left-Click items into my backpack from containers when both mods are active. When one or the other is active, it does work.


Presumably it's because they're conflicting somehow (and that's the extent of my 7DTD modding knowledge), but I don't know how to make them... not do that on my own, so I figured I'd ask you, and then probably Riles too in case they would want to do that lol

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@vergilsparda I installed just Riles HUD Plus and my 60 slot bag mods and have been unable to reproduce the problem you mentioned. I am able to both hit "R" or click the "Take All" button on a loot container window and it moves all items to my inventory. The inventory shows up as 60-slots, and I also tested shift-clicking items in and out of my inventory. Have you tried removing your other mods so its just these two in order to see if you are still experiencing the issue?


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Will use this for our next map

"<!-- Purposely leave 10 slots outside the realm of the perk to leave encumbrance even at maximum perk -->"
Really love that idea!

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