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Bug block's texture replacement or it's just the game who want this idiot thing...

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Hello, I started to replay with 18.1 but with a18.3 it's the samething, the problem is:


- I remove any sand block (or any clay/asphalt/ect & not a block's square)


- I decide to replace it by snow's block


- But the texture of the block is not snow but is the texture of the sand's block


- & under or on the floor ground to the sky, it's the same thing...


So it's the news (stupid) rule of the game or is a "bug"?! I already check my computer, hardrive, the game's files, there's zero problem. I have 1 other computer, I downloaded fresh game & same thing...

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I'm having the same issue with Asphalt and thought it was just me, but I've verified my files, done a fresh install and checked all xml files.


Asphalt (block id: 18) seems to be bugged. It's acting like a filler instead of standard asphalt. If you place it on forest ground, it turns to forest ground, place it on gravel, it shows as gravel.


Edit: Looks like it's now a confirmed bug, see the bug forum here.

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