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CharacterPack Entity Creation


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Character Pack Entity Creation Videos


The CharacterPacks are a community project with the goal of creating a large set of new characters for this game that everyone can use. There are 5 types of characters: Humans, Zombies, Animals, Mechs and Fantasy. To help folks join in and contribute to the community packs, I made a set of tutorial videos linked below. You will also find the link to the A19.1 tutorial project file that has everything you need to get started.


I hope that if you find these tutorials useful you will be generous enough to donate one or more new characters for the packs. Also, please join us on Guppy's Modding Discord if you have any questions. We are happy to help.



Important Links


A19 Tutorial Project: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WRMdYFDdgEXnxybFIdZRekSYVTeIa2yE/view?usp=sharing


Tutorial Videos:


Modding Discord: https://discord.gg/DWTnyVh



How to Submit Characters for Addition to the Packs


Basically, I need the XPath style .xml files that you want your new character to use. Since the idea of these packs is to provide the basic building blocks that other modlets can reuse, you don't have to be very fancy. Take a look at the xpathed xml in the creaturepacks and copy that syntax. At a minimum I will need the:


Required Xpath XML files:


entityclasses.xml (just this as long as all the properties like hands and sounds reference the base vanilla files)


Optional Xpath XML files:


Other files such as items.xml for custom hands and weapons, physicsbodies.xml for new rigs, sounds.xml for new sounds etc.


The Character file:


Submitting the .Unity3d format for each character is fine as long as you plan to support updating the character for at least the next few game versions. If you would like to hand over that support to the community, please also provide the .UnityPackage file as well. We will host all of those on GitHub so future generations can enjoy your work.


How to submit:


For now just send me a link to your files and I will merge it into the creaturepacks.



Thank you in advance for your generous donations of new characters for the packs!

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