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Consolidated Guide to Modding with Unity


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Consolidated Guide to Modding 7D2D with Unity






First off, a disclaimer. I started modding and using Unity 2 years ago when A16 was the current build, so I am not a Unity Pro. I have no formal training in using it, so the way I do things may well seem ugly to some folks more versed than I, but I can claim that the things I make in Unity work well. Hopefully after these tutorials yours will too, and eventually you can teach others a better way of doing things.

What you need to get started





1. Install the Version of Unity that matches the version of the game you want to mod. For A18.4, you need Unity 2019.1.x , for A19 you need 2019.2.  How do you know which version to download? The game creates log files (Player.log and Output_Log that has a line near the top like this: Initialize engine version: 2019.1.0f2 (292b93d75a2c). This is A18.4, and you see it it built with Unity 2019.1 You can find all the versions of unity for the current and all previous alphas at https://unity3d.com/get-unity/download/archive I use the latest version of 2019.1 for A18 which is 2019.1.14.  For A19.1 I am using Unity 2019.2.21f


2. Download the tutorial Unity project from my repo at https://github.com/7D2D/Templates-and-Utilities

For A18.4 the current template is called: TutorialProjectTemplate2019.1.zip Start up your copy of Unity 2019.1.x and load that tutorial project. It is preconfigured for success, including the TagManager used by TFP and the MultiPlatformExport script.

Are you a visual learner?





Some of the links go to separate posts with more details on the video series, other link directly to the videos. If you have questions, feel free to ask. We do expect that you watch all the relevant videos and understand the basics shown in them before asking questions. The best way to learn is to try to do it yourself first, then if your stuck we are here to help.


If anyone makes other Unity videos relevant to this game, please let me know so I can link it here.


Creating and Exporting Models from Unity

Introductory Video series on how to export an object from Unity and load it into the game.


]Unity Tutorials for 7D2D Modders[/TD]

Building on the series above, More tips and tricks on making blocks like flags.



Legacy Animation

These videos contain the foundational information on animating charaters. The mechanim videos build on this series.


Weapon Positioning in Unity

Simple video showing how to align weapons so they sit in players hand properly




Mecanim Animation

How to make doors and other things move in game




Character Pack Entity Creation

How to make a CharacterPack entity with all the features and functions of the vanilla characters




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Would this work to open up old (A15.2 and maybe A8(I think)) assets for exporting? (I have never even looked at Unity for models or assets)

I want to bring out some sounds from A15.2 (eventually zombieskins too(missing the old classic versions))

Aswell as grab the titlemusic from A8 :D

Or is there better tools for that?

UABE seemed to not handle assets from what I could understand


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