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Looking for a gamer girl to play with (pve server)


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I'm going to be getting a new PC in a week and i'm going to be playing this game. I'm looking for a partner to play with that'll play with me and help progress and build a solid fortified base with.


I'm specifically looking for a gamer girl to play with because I get along with females easier and communication is always easy.


I'll be playing daily for hours on end and have studied many of the mechanics and things in this game, especially electricity. So I could definitely build a great base with good defensive measures and everything setup nicely and perfectly that we will need to survive horde nights. All I need is a partner to play with that can play for hours with me.


If your interested post a reply and ill get back to you and you can also add me on discord and steam and shoot me a message.



Steam:God of Paradise (Brandon) , Friend Code = 1061666733

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