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How many in-game days was your longest continuous playthrough?


How many in-game days was your longest continuous playthrough?  

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  1. 1. How many in-game days was your longest continuous playthrough?

    • 21 days or less
    • 22-35 days
    • 36-70 days
    • 71-140 days
    • 141-210 days
    • 211-350 days
    • More than 350 days

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211 - 350 for me (EDIT: 90 min days)


We regularly took A15/A16 past day 200. You know why? We had an end game. We used to stick with our map till we had assembled level 600 of everything for the entire group (4 of us back then, but only 2 remain). All guns, all armour parts. Level 600. That took us past day 200 quite often as it was quite hard to achieve (level 600 Magnums were a bitch). Also A15/A16 was WORTH going past day 150 because only after that day did the game actually become challenging and the horde got amazingly huge. The A17/A18 hordes don't come close, and we rarely take A17/A18 even to a measly day 100 because we typically have everything by day 30, so there's no reason to go on except to push gamestage. And you can only do that so many times.


In A17 they drastically killed the game's longevity. This was because they decided that with enough perks the player can craft everything.

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Somewhere between day 45 and 48 for me, I don't remember the exact number.


My friends and I don't have much time to play, so on one hour days we only get maybe 2-3 two hour (and therefore two in-game day) sessions per week. So that's about five game days per week we can get through.


That means that to play for (for example) 45 days we'd need to be playing the same game for three months without a reset. Given how often someone's computer will need to be reset or there will be a new experimental or something like that, we've never had one continuous game longer that that.


Our current game is only on day 4, since a power cut while playing corrupted our old game's save file last week and we had to restart once more.

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I think at most around 150 days, but marked 71-140. I never had a really LONG playthrough due to time constraints, even at the beginning when i sat at the game deep into the night almost every day...


The length of playthroughs kept going down each alpha, prehaps due to being bored with how good i got in a world or not having further goals when obtaining most of everything i wanted. I feel more motivated now and started building various contraptions, so maybe i'll hit another high.

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