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Your Favorite Biome and WHY

Your Favorite Biome and WHY  

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  1. 1. Your Favorite Biome and WHY

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Snow Biome because...


... only real survivors live there...


...Do you want to build a snowman?

Or ride our bike around the halls?

I think some company is overdue

I've started talking to

The pictures on the walls! ... ������


and Mountain Lions....... lots of them

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I voted desert. I play on insane/nightmare/permadeath difficulty so that makes the snow biome absolutely awful with the lumberjacks that are fast, strong and hit for over half your health.


Forest biome is a little boring honestly, zombies are just as easy as the desert but there's no birds to worry about. On random gen it can be annoying too with trees growing inside buildings and blocking your view.


I cannot spend any time in the wasteland biome because the wind has this awful 3 second long audio sound that repeats over and over 24/7 and once noticed it cannot be unnoticed and is extremely irritating to listen to particularly at night back at the base when there is nothing else to hear. Not to mention the awful terrain and makes vehicle navigation the most irritating experience I have ever come across in a video game. . The wasteland biome is complete trash really, I wish they would give some sort of an upside or just eliminate it completely.


Burnt forest is pretty awful too although less awful than the wasteland. Burnt zombies are very fast and can light you on fire but there are some of the only 'easy' zombies in insane besides crawlers so they don't annoy me unless they sneak up on me and light me on fire in the first hit. Biome is still completely ugly and also like the wasteland lacks any upside whatsoever. Burnt/wasteland used to have some upside in those corners of a building where you could find some decent loot especially with all the sinks where you could find a wrench fairly easily day one but they've nerfed the loot in those so I see no upside whatsoever. In Navesgane it's made a bit better by the updated town near the trader which hassome good updated beginner POIs but who plays Navesgane unless you're new to the game or you're playing it at the start of an alpha to see what's new? Even the dev's don't play Navesgane as evidenced by the let's plays on the TFP Youtube channel.


I like the desert because it provides challenge without the totally OP early game lumberjack zombie. Vultures give just the right amount of terrifying encounters early game. Great sight lines. Good terrain for vehicles. Oil shale. With lakes and sand the clay soil is available but just enough of a PITA to make it scarce early game. Environment effect makes water a challenge but isn't as much of a PITA as food in the winter biome (although that may be because I only use food healing in the game and no meds).

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so what does a guy do to not overheat in the desert? i just bake every time i enter it. usually end up running around naked but that usually doesnt work that well


You need equipment that has heat resistance. Cowboy hats as far as i remember are designed for that (you can craft a basic one from fiber), but also high class coats and dusters (they have both cold and heat resistance at a high level). Look also for pants that give heat resistance and you could also put mods with heat resistance into your armor.

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