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Wilderness dirt roads and speed to road


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I remember you could increase the number of little dirt road in the wilderness and in the Rwgmixer it was looking like this


<wilderness_rule name="wildernessDefault" spawn_min_max="15,20">

<path_material value="gravel" />

<path_radius value="2" />

<path_adjust_terrain value="false"/>

<prefab_rule name="wildernessGroup" prob="1"/>



And now A18 looks like that :upset:


<wilderness_rule name="default">

<prefab_rule name="wildernessGroup" />




Is it possible to just add this line spawn_min_max="15,20" somewhere in there? Lots things changed with A18.


Also just as an information I use compopack.


And I'd like to add speed when we are on road, I had it somewhere but can't find it, also it probably changed too, anyone know?


Thanks :smile-new:

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